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Primary Practice Areas

Criminal Law

All Matters Under The Criminal Code. Theft, Robbery, Assault, DUI, Drug Trafficking, Stunt Driving & More.

Immigration Law

New Refugee Immigration, Detention & Immigration Hearings, Sponsors, Immigration Appeals & More. 

Criminal Matters 

DUI Lawyers

Operating and in control of a motor vehicle when your blood level is influenced

Weapon Charges

Posession Of An Illegal Weapon, for personal use, distribution, or other purposes

Drug Trafficking

Posession Of Illegal drugs, for personal use, distribution, or other purposes

Sexual Assault

Sexual behaviour or contact that occurs without the consent of the recipient

Domestic Violence

Vilonce by one person against another in a domestic setting

Careless Driving

Driving without attention or without reasonable consideration for other persons using the road

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Immigration Laws

Refugee Claim

Refugee Claim In Canada To Secure Your Stay In The Country

Canadian Citizenship

Canadian Citizenship Process Which Will Provide Permanent Passport 

Invitation Letters

Letters To Canadian Authorities That Approve Foreign Guest(s)


Sponsoring Individual(s) Into Canada With Legal Grounds & Permission

Work Permit

Authorized Work Permit For A Set Duration Of Time In Canada 

Extension Visitor Visa

Extending Visitor Visa In Canada For A Longer Duration And Stay  

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Reza Ghamsari

Reza Ghamsari

Founder, Owner @Legal Key

Reza Ghamsari

Reza Ghamsari

Founder, Owner @Legal Key

Reza Ghamsari

Reza Ghamsari

Founder, Owner @Legal Key

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